Lécimes' design philosophy combines minimalism, opulence and style. Our unisex watches share the same ideology to fulfill the needs and demands of this generation. Dress-up or dress-down, a Lécimes watch works with your attire. Style is limitless, and so is our bespoke design with universal appeal ready-to-wear for any occasion. Let our philosophy enhance your look and inspire you. Hours of meticulous planning and design have gone into our products to ensure both the quality and desired aesthetics are achieved.
One of our favourite parts of the design is the curved dial face & domed sapphire glass which creates a unique look on the wrist compared to traditional wristwatches. The small crown has been carefully designed and crafted with precise engineering to give a touch of elegance. We chose lambskin leather with grain texture to go with our stainless steel dial face as it has an opulent feel without overpowering the minimal design of the overall concept.
We also like the idea of our watches being unisex - symbolising equality in a contemporary world. At an affordable price, you will receive a taste of luxury and the confidence that you have chosen a timeless piece of design artistry - in our humble opinion of course!